Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Countdown to our YouTube launch, who is Tom?

Wow, this has been a long long journey. So let me introduce myself and explain this journey and how we got to here.

tl;dr – Skip to the end

My name is Tom, I’ve been a gaming and PC nerd since the early 90’s, considering I was born in the late 80’s that means I started gaming and tinkering with electronics at an early age!

I can remember gaming on a Commodore 64 and loading games from tape was a slow and annoying process!

I also remember playing Grand Prix Circuit in dos on windows 3.x

As I got older, I was always the person to ask for help with electronics and my bedroom was the go to place for Gaming and Tech stuff.

Here is a picture from the early 2000s of my bedroom which was basically a LAN Gaming den for my friends…

Not only was I interested in gaming like all teenagers, but I always enjoyed building computers, modifying them and overclocking.

I remember how excited I was to buy a Geforce2 Ultra, this was an amazing card and I remember that before buying this card I was waiting for the Voodoo 5 6000 card, which sadly never launched, with 3dfx being mostly bought by nvidia in late 2000.

I also started to realise that CDs and other media formats could degrade and become damaged over time, so to keep our games and memories safe I had to build a NAS.

Finding big cases back in the early 2000s wasn’t easy, and the cheapest I found was through a company in the UK called Dan Technologies, here is small article I found (The Register) covering their demise.

I managed to build a pretty decent NAS system and my love for technology grew.

This one NAS quickly became three servers as I expanded the various things I wanted to do.

This was all back in 2003, back then typical hard drive sizes were around 70GB with expensive drives being in the 200GB range.

I found a review of a drive I used a lot back then (StorageReview)

So back when most people still had total storage in their PC of around 50GB, I was pusing past a total storage size of 3TB.

I still have many of my Maxtor 300GB drives in a box, yes they still work!

Over time my passion for data storage grew along with drive sizes, by 2006 I had to add another server and by 2008 The Dan cases that had served me so well were ready for retirement, I managed to consolidate almost everything into two Lian Li PC V2100 Plus tower cases, these are amazing cases that I still have stored and would be perfect for a big build.

I’m intending to build our rendering workstation into one of these cases as they are HUGE and have so much room inside for cooling and expansion.

In 2009 I started a business and in 2010 started a family. Since then it has been lots of hard work that has meant I can’t pursue my interest in technology as I would like to.

My servers were put away in the garage and my hobby was shelved for years. I managed to find some time again to start playing with my toys again, remembering how much I loved technology and that I should find a way to share this passion with other people.

In 2014 my world changed again when my son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, I knew I had to work extra hard to provide for my family and with my amazing wife, manage my son’s condition.

My staff at work would always be asking me tech questions, what parts to buy, and once they had bought all their components, I built their gaming rigs for them.

In 2016 I started wondering if I could bring anything to the YouTube platform that would enable me to in the long term earn an income while still having the flexibility to care for my son in a way a 9-5 job wouldn’t allow.

Fast forward to 2018 and I was confident I could do it!

tl;dr from here

I have a passion for technology that I want to share with people. Through my business I’ve built a great team who have skills that can help in this new journey and together, hopefully, this great team around me will enable me to share my many years of knowledge and experience in technology with you in a fun and informative way.

We will be uploading a video daily and working long hours to bring this dream to reality.

So here we are, only a few weeks away from launching, years have been leading up to this, and months of preparation have gone into making this possible.

Check our various social media platforms, and hopefully you will want to stay.

I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey and as you will soon find out ;

Welcome to GamersHardware, I’m your host Tom and thank you for being here…

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