Saturday, February 22, 2020
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Battlefield V: PC graphics performance benchmarks

The brilliant Hilbert Hagedoorn at Guru3D has posted his preliminary performance review for Battlefield V.

I say preliminary as EA has an activation limit that means if you change hardware 5 times, you can’t make any more changes for 24 Hours, so he has bought more than copy of the game and more than one account signed up to Origin Access Premier to get early access to get you these numbers as quickly as possible.

This means his charts aren’t yet full, however, you should head over there now if you are interested in performance numbers.

The current stand out observation is just how much slower DX12 is compared to DX11, Hilbert reports noticing more stuttering under DX12 than DX11, this doesn’t bode well for when RTX features are added as they are only available in DX12 mode.

Head over to Guru3D to read the article

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